Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm trying to find the most disturbing part of this story, but there are just too many.

Family recovers cremated remains in missing car

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. A Johnson City woman has been reunited with her husband and brother after their cremated remains were recovered from the trunk of her missing car.

Kris Peace imagined the worst when her car disappeared from a service station Friday with the ashes of her husband, Willard Peace, and her brother, Noel Kaskell, inside the trunk.

Both remains had been kept in the car since their deaths in 2005. Peace said her husband loved driving, which is why she kept him in the car.

Peace's niece found the abandoned car Sunday in Washington County. The trunk was open, but the remains were still inside.

Peace, who has been in Florida visiting relatives, plans to keep her loved ones closer when she returns to Tennessee.

She said she bought a Christmas tree ornament to keep their ashes in. When traveling, she'll keep the ornament in her pocket or in a fanny pack.
Is it that she still wears a fanny pack or that she plans on filling a Christmas ornament with the cremated remains of her husband and brother and carrying it around in a fanny pack?