Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Person of the Year: Me - Part 2

Yes me.
I control the Information Age.
Welcome to my world.

I'm not sure what caused Time to pick me, but like I said before, it's a good excuse to list my top posts of 2006 (May -Aug). I will post Part 3 (Sept - Dec) on Wednesday.

Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy had the worst mid-year that anyone without an "R" next to their name can have. After driving his tacky Ford Mustang into a barrier, he told the cops that he was late for a vote on Capitol Hill...it was 3am. Now I don't know if you ever watched Schoolhouse Rocks, but they don't usually vote on bills at 3am, drunk.
Patrick also had a 'macaca' moment when pictures surfaced of him dressing up in black-face for a party a few years back. The wise people of Rhode Island will likely vote him back in office, so until next year, here are my Patrick Kennedy posts of 2006.
Stop me if you have heard this one before...
Patrick Kennedy: Soul Man
Patrick Kennedy Goes Black-face Caption Contest
All In The Family Caption Contest
Media Silence: Sen. Reid Also Took Patrick Kennedy To Boxing Matches
Photo Evidence: Patrick Kennedy Present at Oswald Shooting, In Black-face...
Patrick Kennedy's Role on 24, in black-face
Patrick Kennedy Helped Send the 1996 NY Yankees to the World Series, in Black-face
Patrick Kennedy is Back in Black...face
Patrick Kennedy Pleads Guilty to DUI...and DWB

Hillary for President Rally Draws Tens... - Hillary for President rally in Tennessee? What could go wrong?
Scott Harper in Drug Rehab: Never Saw That Coming - My site is the official destination for all things Scott Harper.
The President Has Been Impeached - I will miss Commander in Chief....not.

Emails From John Kerry - Some people say Kerry doesn't know night from day. Actually they are pretty much dead on.
Karl Rove Behind Boy Band Breakups - Since Rove was not busy helping reelect Republicans, he turned his attention to Boy Bands.
Hey Man Nice Frame - How Al-Zarqawi would look if the US Army spent more time and money on its picture frames.

Emails from John Kerry: Profiles in Sadomasochism - A strange email from John Kerry details his losses in 2006.
Crybaby Caption Contest - Caption contest using the photo of the year.

Hey Graham Stewart, Nice Mask! - The Tennessean posts the best quote of 2006 (in my opinion)
GOP and the City Turns 2
Cynthia McKinney is to "Class" as Fidel Castro is to "Alive"
Cynthia McKinney Blames Midgets for Primary Loss
Conjunction Junction Bombed by Muslim Terrorist Group - I love Engrish.

Person of the Year: Me - Part 1