Monday, December 04, 2006

NY Election Results: Write-In Mania

The 2006 Election results for New York City have been posted, including all the write-in candidates for office. What do Nick Carter, Micky Mouse, and Shaka Zulu have in common with "me"? They all received write-in votes for Governor in New York city.

In a battle of political icons, Bill O'Reilly lead the pack followed by Sean "Hanniky", Noam Chomsky, William F. Buckley, and Lou Dobbs. O'Reilly's victory speech included a vow to win "The war on Christmas".

The pair of Micky and Minny Mouse tied Abbot and Costello, Tweety, and Donald Duck with one vote a piece. In a sign of power sharing Micky vowed to increase funding for people with speech problems, which was the centerpiece of Donald's campaign.

While Hillary was a shoe-in for Senate, she did have some interesting challengers, who came up a bit short including fellow blogger Allah Pundit.

Hugo Chavez, Ted Kennedy, and Bill Clinton all tied with "Need More Integety [sic] Iraq Was a Big Mistake". Daisy Duck ran for Senate and faired just as well as her husband, Donald did in his run of Governor.

Lewis Black refused to concede; instead he issued a 30 minute tirade against Starbucks being across the street from another Starbucks, Bush, and TMX Elmos.

The best write-in results come from the Queens Supreme Court Race.
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Dewey Duck, Huey Duck, Louie Duck, Elmo, Goofy (2 votes), F--- This, Larry, Curley, Moe, Mr Mcgoo, Mills Lane, Porky Pig, Pluto, Socialism, This Is Stupid, Tinker Bell, and Wiley Cyote all got votes.

I love New York.