Friday, December 29, 2006

Hookers Gone Wild

This prostitute goes nuts over lack of whipped cream on her hot chocolate so she throws the hot beverage at the worker and then tears apart a Dunkin Donuts story is brought to us from Brooklyn, NY.

Aly allegedly went behind the counter and got in Rajaddaev's face. He told her to leave, and she allegedly threw her still-hot cocoa at the worker, scalding his face, neck and hands.

Another worker called 911, while Rajaddaev locked the doors to prevent Aly from escaping. Boiling with rage, Aly scratched the worker's burned face, sources said.

Then, according to sources, she ripped the door off a freezer and hit him in the head with it.
I burnt my arm on the oven at the Little Ceasar's I worked at as a teenager, so I can relate.

(Source - NY Post)