Monday, November 06, 2006

Worst Political Ad - 2006 Edition

Picking out the worst ad for this election cycle was not easy, there are so many. From the one from New Jersey who claims the Republican doesn't like women to the Ned Lamont ad that has a kid reading off the names of the Iraq war dead. I heard this year's winner on 1010Wins and thought it had to be a Democrat - from New Jersey no less. However, I was wrong on both accounts.

Last Year, the award to the worst political ad went to NJ Gov. Jon Corzine and his "Doug Forrester doesn't like handicapped people" ad. The ad was so bad that I created Doug Forrester's "Jon Corzine Eats Babies" ad to counter it. Fernando Ferrer's "handjob" ad came in second due to it's graphic nature.

This year, the worst political ad goes to Republican Sue Kelly, who's running for reelection in New York's 19th District. I call the ad "Mutual Disgust."

Check out the ad below and post your thoughts/comments on it and the rest of the craptastic ads this cycle.

Click Here for the ad

Personally, I think attacking someone because of what their mutual funds are invested in is just stupid. I have mutual funds. Do I know every company that each fund invests in? No. Sue's opponent and I have almost no control over what companies are invested in by the fund. What does Sue want us to do? Go through each fund and not invest in one that might have some money in a company that she finds questionable. You would end up with your retirement in a 1% savings account at your local credit union.

Also, what the hell is Sue doing Wal-Mart bashing? That is so Demcratish. I hope none of my $50 that I donated to the Republicans back in 2004 went to this ad.