Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Democrats control the Congress and Rutgers is being heralded as a College football powerhouse. So, maybe it's time to move Planet Earth in a new direction. Nick Pope, the head of the UK's head of the Ministry of Defense UFO project, claims that Aliens could attack us at any moment.

A New Direction Caption Contest
How would the Democrats and/or Republicans handle the sudden arrival of Aliens?

Top Entries
7. Marvin: "Can I see Uranus?" - Wyatt

5. I have this disturbing mental image of a bunch of liberal protestors outside a government detention center waveing placards that read: "facehuggers have rights, too!" and "habeas corpus rights for chestbursters!" - Sobek
-Cowboy Blob

3. The Dems will perceive them as potential voters & fast track them to citizenship. The Republicans (some) will want to build a fence around Earth to keep them out. - Renee
2. When aliens arrive, the Dems will blame Bush, and then raise taxes and disarm private citizens as defensive measures. Then, 6.4 seconds after that they will, of course, surrender. -jimmyb

-The Man

Photoshop Entries


-Cowboy Blob

-The Man

-Rodney Dill

-Cowboy Blob

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