Monday, November 20, 2006

Reach Out and Bomb Someone

Palestinians yesterday stopped Israel from destroying the home of two militants by surrounding it with a human shield.
In the first incident of its kind, hundreds of neighbours surrounded the home of Mohammed Baroud and climbed on its roof after he received a call from the Israeli army informing him he had 30 minutes to vacate his home before it was destroyed by missiles.
The Israeli airforce called off its strike because of the risk of killing a large number of civilians. It is the first time Palestinians have thwarted an Israeli air strike in this way. Israel has developed a strategy of telephoning its targets to ensure that nobody is inside when the homes are struck. Residents are given about half an hour to gather some clothes and escape. Neighbours are also contacted if the explosion is likely to be big enough to endanger them.

I guess there's a way to prevent this from happening again....Don't call ahead. I do not seem to recall suicide bombers calling ahead to warn people to get out of a bus.

Two hours later Israel warned Mohammed Nawajeh, a member of Hamas, that his house would be targeted and the same process occurred. Both men are accused by Israel of involvement in firing rockets at Israel.

If I were the head of the Israeli Air Force, I'd call Mohammed Baroud and let him know that we were going to bomb his house in 30 minutes. Then send the planes over to Mohammed Nawajeh's house. It would be like a flea-flicker with bombs.

(Source - Guardian UK)