Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Global Warming My Ass

While New York enjoys another weekend of mid 50s and raking leaves, Al Gore's home state may see snow.

National Weather Service meteorologists predict a small chance that the air temperature will dip low enough on Sunday for freezing rain or snow, a rare local weather event for mid-November. If it snows, it shouldn't be very disruptive: The predicted low is 38 degrees, a temperature that's just low enough for sleet or snow and just high enough for it to melt pretty quickly.
- Tennessean
So Nashville may get a trace of snow that will likely melt as soon as it hits the ground. You know what that means?

Looking back at the winters I spent in the south as a youth is even more comical now that I have weathered a 19-inch snow storm where I had to work the next day in New York. Back in Tennessee, we got out of school for the smallest amounts of snow. Hell, we got out of school once because it was raining and they were afraid it would turn to snow (it didn't).

Even more comical is the inevitable rush to the local supermarkets (like Kroger) for vital supplies to sit out the "blizzards". Trying to find toilet paper, bread, and milk in the days leading into potential flurries should be a new game show.