Thursday, November 16, 2006

Deep-fried American flags surprisingly not a hit in Tennessee

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — An exhibit that featured slogans written on American flags and small American flags that had been deep-fat fried was taken down a day after it opened at Clarksville's Customs House Museum.

The Fat is in the Fire" exhibit was censored because it could be considered offensive by museum members, said museum director Ned Crouch.

The exhibit, which opened Tuesday, featured three American flags with words printed on them and dozens of small American flags deep-fat fried in peanut oil, egg batter, flour and black pepper.
-The Tennessean

Clarksville is home to Fort Campbell and I could imagine a few members of the 101st Airborne might be upset that this "artist" is deep-frying American flags. Even if his parents were both in the military.

Deep fry twinkies, oreos, chicken, turkey...not Old Glory.