Monday, October 09, 2006

The Yankees choked, Joe Morgan is a moron, and other obvious observations

Another sign North Korea is way behind the times
So last week I predicted the following teams would meet in the MLB League Championship:
NL - St. Louis Cardinals - New York Mets
AL - Minnesota Twins - New York Yankees

"New York is loaded with expensive talent. While it would be fun to watch fans and the media bash A-Rod all off-season, I think they'll go all the way despite A-Rod. Yanks in 4." - GOP and the City (10/3)

Well I got the NL right 100% right! Go Cards.


If we really want to get information out of the prisoners at GITMO, put those bastards in a room with baseball broadcasters Joe Buck and Joe Morgan. No, on second thought, that would be torture and even I'd have to protest that as inhumane.

During Friday's Tigers-Yankees game, Joe Morgan laid out this craptastic quote about 42-year old Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers: "If you have 200 victories that means you have been pitching well for a long time".

Wow. Thanks Joe for that profound statement. Mocking Joe Morgan and Joe Buck all weekend really took the edge off watching the Yankees implode.


Going into halftime of the UT-Georgia game on Saturday, ESPN's announcers could not stop from gushing over Georgia. They even had their sideline tart on Georgia's side talking up their QB Joe Tereshinski III like he was the next Joe Montana. Joe this and Joe that. Let's cut away from the footbal game one more time to see Joe playing football as a kid!

"This Georgia team is for real!" said one ESPN announcer at halftime.

Final Score
Tennessee - 51
Georgia - 33

Joe Tereshinski III was pulled in the 4th quarter after throwing 2 interceptions.

The Vols are for real.