Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Is Your Caption Contest Running
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
5. Pelosi: That is correct sir. We will give you 2 packs of cigarettes if you vote for Angelides. - BC
4.Angelides: So then we're going to take over the house and have you be speaker. After that we can impeach the president.
Pelosi: Ooo! Keep talkin like that! - GOP and College
3. Nancy: Hey Phil, give me a couple of past tense verbs for this madlibs I'm using to write my next speech. - fmragtops
2. Okay, lemme repeat back that order:You wanted 2 royale with cheeses, 3 fries with mayonnaise, and 1 tasty beverage to wash this down. - lawhawk
1.WOMAN ON ANGELIDES' PHONE: "Ohh, baby... You like that, don't you?"ANGELIDES: "Wait a minute, Nancy?!" - Damian G.

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Photoshop Entries
-The Man

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