Monday, October 16, 2006

UGA Got Neutered

"This Georgia team is for real!" one ESPN Announcer said during the UT - Georgia game (a game won by Tennessee 51-33).

Any talk of this Georgia team being for real ended when SEC whipping boy Vanderbilt went to Athens and handed Georgia a slice of humble pie.
Saturday - October 14, 2006
Vanderbilt 24, (16) Georgia 22

Georgia sucks and they still have to play Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. Hell, I might as well throw Kentucky into that mix, since the Bulldogs cannot even beat Vandy at home.

While the Bulldogs fell out of the AP Top 25, they still drew 63 votes! Who are these people and why are they #27 in the BCS rankings? A team that squeaked by Colorado, was demolished by their first real opponent (UT), and then lost to Vandy should be wiped clear of the BCS and AP.

On October 28th Georgia's travels to Florida and I hear Georgia's going to dress up as pre-season SEC favorites for Halloween. However, I think the SEC and NCAA should cancel that game , it's going to be a bloodbath.