Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shut Up And Sing Movie Trailer

If you needed something to really get you going on Wednesday, here is your Hump Day Moment of Zen.

Since the Dixie Chicks cannot complete a tour in the states or sell a CD, now they are going to put out a movie? But, I guess someone thought that a movie about a group of time travelers who take people off doomed airlines and put them in the future sounded like a winner.

Top 10 Reasons Not To See Shut Up and Sing
10. Uhh it's the Dixie Chicks
9. After a week of poor ticket sales, they'll probably just put it in theaters in Canada and Boston.
8. The Dixie Chicks are so 2004
7. The plot is about a celebrity making an asinine political statement. You don't have to pay $12 to see that, check out MTV or CNN for free.
6. Too hard of a decision to make for stoners since Shut Up & Sing and Death of a President both open this Friday.
5. Conservatives would be upset if they bought a ticket thinking it was a movie based on the book by Laura Ingraham
4. The chunky Dixie Chick will just blow the profits on ho-hos.
3. Saw III opens on Friday.
2. St. Louis will still be celebrating their World Series Championship this Friday.

and the #1 reason not to see SU&S:
1. You just know they're going to show this guy during the film.