Thursday, October 05, 2006

Postcards from Ned

I signed up for emails from the Ned Lamont campaign and (whoa), I thought John Kerry emails were fun until I started getting gems from this failing campaign.

Our campaign is using the internet to facilitate voter-to-voter contact in ways no one has before. And with this group of supporters, it's a playbook future efforts will all borrow from.

We've relaunched the "family, friends and neighbors" program allowing you to find individuals you know inside CT and send them a personalized physical postcard on the campaign's dime. Will you?

Hell Yes! I want to fill mailboxes full of bogus postcards from Ned! Where do I start?

Joe Lieberman's millions in D.C. lobbyist money can't buy enough television ads to compete with that kind of contact.
We need more messages, just like that, to your personal networks.
Are you ready to take a few moments and send a few?

I suggest you all log on and take advantage of this tool. Give a fake name and phone number and get your mail on! Hurry before they have to pull it.

Don't know anyone in CT? Click Here for a list of famous people living in Connecticut. I'm pretty sure Ann Coulter would love getting a bunch of mail from Ned.

Postcards from The Man
Here's one going to RFTR's home address

Here's one going to Joe Lieberman announcing support for Jack Bauer.

Yikes. I wonder if the Secret Service has been notified.

Where are the privacy rights people?

I sent Kevin Bacon one as well.