Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plane Crash in NYC

Update: I went into a 2 hour meeting and came out to find out it was a horrible accident. My prayers go out to the Lidle family and all that are involved.

Update: 7online is claiming it was a helicopter.

Not to don a tin-cap...but today is 10/11.

Hearing word of a possible plane crash in Manhattan.

A small plane has hit an apartment building on York Avenue near 72nd Street. Numerous emergency units responding to the scene. The plane fell to the sidewalk. - 1010 Wins

Personally I hear and see lots of fire trucks on the street, heading that way.

Picture of 3rd Avenue -fire and police trying to make it uptown.

There are large numbers of police and fire vehicles heading up 3rd Avenue, which is clogged with traffic (which is typical). Now people are heading that way on foot. Lots of people.