Thursday, October 26, 2006

NYC Worker - Hard at Work

My buddy Basil from Basil's Blog was trolling a list of visitors to his blog yesterday and noticed a visitor from New York. Not only did this visitor to his site come from the greatest city to not have a baseball team in the World Series, they were listed as visiting from a computer registered to the city of New York (a extension).

"So what" you ask? People search the net at work is nothing new, even I have been known to do that . What the NYC city worker was looking for is what drew Basil's attention.

I guess Basil didn't have what the city worker was looking for. But this brings up a key question.

Did Mark Foley get a job with the city of New York?

Update: At least this worker was not playing solitare.

Click here for the complete Site Meter screen shot.