Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like I said....Cards in Seven

Well my Cards are going into Game 7 of the NLCS. Personally, I'd love for them to win this series just so I don't have to hear crap from the annoying Met fans that seem to have crawled out of the woodwork just this season.

My St. Louis cap has been through 2 games at Yankee stadium (in the bleachers no less) and 3 at Shea. My cap can attest that Met fans are the most obnoxious group of people this side of Philadelphia Eagles games. While I did endure some taunts and middle fingers in the Bronx, Met fans are just plain annoying. They are like a Northeast version of Chicago Cubs fans (that is, Cub fans in May - before their team sinks to the bottom of the division).

What makes it worse, are the 1.2 million "revived" Met fans that put away their Jeter shirts and pulled out their old Mets crap. These bandwagon fans are the ones who are wearing Benny Agbayani jerseys. During the 1990s in Nashville, I had to put up with bandwagon Braves fans who probably had no clue who Dale Murphy was, but knew how to piss me off with that damn tomahawk chop and the "ohhhh-oohhh-ohhhh" chant they used to do.

No matter what comes out of tonight's game (please Lord - a Cardinals win), one thing I can take away are how the NY sports writers (also annoying) had to eat a big helping of humble pie this week. Most thought the Mets would sweep aside the Redbirds on their way to the World Series. I think some still hoped for a Subway Series (sorry Yankee fans). One is NY Sun writer Tim Marchman, here's a classic example of a sports writer eating crow.

Expect the Mets To Win the Pennant
The specific matchup problems that made the Dodgers look like a decent bet to upset the Mets aren't there; this is a meeting between like teams, and the Mets, who won 14 more games in the regular season, are simply much better. I don't think the series will be competitive. (10/11)
Pujols, Cards Finally Get to Glavine and Push Mets to Brink
There will be time enough, if the Mets don't win, to ponder whether all of their problems amounted to bad luck, injury, and some technical challenges they weren't able to overcome, or whether they just choked. For now I'm feeling quite foolish about having claimed this series wouldn't be competitive, and quite eager to see whether or not the Mets can ease back tonight and so what they did so naturally all year long. (10/18)