Monday, October 16, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Last week I mentioned about the ding-a-lings who write letters to papers like AMNY. However after reading one in today's AMNY, you have to wonder who's the biggest ding-a-ling, the people who write them or the editors who read and then publish the letters.

Today's letter comes from Janice Amato from Manhattan. I did a Google search for Ms. Amato and more letters, written to the NY Press. Check it out and see if you think she needs to up the meds a notch:

I still skim your paper because you occasionally print something that’s informative that bucks the conventional wisdom, such as Robert Ecksel’s excellent piece ("New York City," 12/10) exposing the NYPD as the lazy sh*theads they really are. I hope no one writes in to call it "liberal" or "left wing", because telling the truth and criticizing lawless government that protects criminals isn’t left wing...
It’s not hypocritical of rich Democrats to ride in limos (though I find it noxious), because at least these rich white men care about poor people and minorities, which is a lot more honorable (and Christian) than the hypocritical rich white men of the Republican Party who only care about themselves because they got theirs already. I wish I weren’t an atheist because I know Jesus No. 2 would go after these greedy selfish Republicans first, putting an end to their bullsh*t and hypocrisies.
Wow. Imagine if this cheerful New Yorker ran into a tourist looking for directions.

But wait...there's more:
Didn’t Bush insist his humongous tax cuts would turn our economy around? Didn’t his daddy ridicule this totally failed Reaganomics as "voodoo economics"? And didn’t history already prove Reaganomics as a total failure? Or will MUGGER say that trickle-down economics works as we see from how much richer the working poor got in the 80s? Do MUGGER and other right-wing dorks suggest that the tax cuts did, in fact, turn our economy around? The biggest tax cuts in history should equal the biggest economic boom in history, no?

Yeah. Which brings us to today's letter from poster-child for Ritalin: Janice Amato. She wants all us Republicans to come out and apologize to liberals (because they were right on "every single topic." After that we are also supposed to admit that Iraq is the new Vietnam, oh and Republicans "are more sexually depraved than Democrats".

Here's my apology: Janice, I'm sorry you're an idiot...but I blame Bush for that.

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