Friday, October 06, 2006

Help Wanted: Moonbat counter

The Anti-war/America movement was on display in New York yesterday. If you rely on AMNY for your coverage, you might have thought that "thousands of protestors marched" yesterday as the paper reported. However they included a picture that seemed to mock that statement. Box trucks and taxis should not have been included in the count of protesters.

Even the AMNY website exposes the miscalculated caption on the paper edition..."hundreds gathered as part of "The World Can't Wait" rally to drive out the Bush administration".

Oh where have you gone you unwashed masses?

Here are some of the low-lights from yesterday's rally (courtesy of AMNY)

While I added the text to the guy's t-shirt, the flag was all theirs. If you look closely they blame the United States for 9/11. I thought it was the Jews and a controlled demolition.

I knew Vermont was looking at the free agent market, but New Jersey too? Oh and "Hugo Chavez: American Patriot". When I read that, I almost wet myself. That's funnier than a midget on fire.

This guy's protest is lost on me. I guess if your civil rights are being denied, hanging sea shells from a ratty t-shirt will bring help...which is ironic since he's white and obviously free to express his opinions in public (and to not shower). Try this in Caracas and you'll end up in jail.

Click Here for a whole set of photos.