Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dem/Labor Leader Arrested in NYC

Brian M. McLaughlin, a seven-term Democratic state assemblyman and leader of nation's largest municipal labor council was arrested on federal racketeering charges. McLaughlin is accused of stealing more than $2 million from the state, labor unions and even a Little League fund.

Among the funds identified by the indictment were McLaughlin's political campaign committee, union accounts meant to provide benefits for union members and even contributions meant to support a Little League baseball program.
What a jerk.

He used his position as a Democratic state assemblyman to funnel almost $100,000 from the youth sports programs, including $6,000 that he used to pay rent on his apartment.

McLaughlin is also charged with giving money to various women "whom he had a personal relationship." According to his bio, he's still married and has 5 kids so it seems that Brian may have more to worry about than a little time in federal "pound him in the ass" prison.

McLaughlin's only hope is if he gets U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl to hear his case.

(Source - AMNY)

Assemblyman Brian M. McLaughlin

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