Friday, October 27, 2006

Cards Could Win Tonight

My Cardinals are 9 innings away from their first World Series championship since 1982. I still have a pennant from that year, with the names of that team: Ozzie, Herr, Porter...

Before I get ahead of myself and start crowning this team: Taguchi, Eckstein, Molina...

No, I should not forget the last time St. Louis was up 3-1 in a World Series. The year was 1985 and they were up on a lifeless Kansas City Royals team until the 9th inning of what should have been the last inning of the 85 World Series. One play. Some say "the worst call in sports history" spun the series around and ended with the Royals Game 7 romp. Last year, the Cardinals hopes were seemingly dashed on one call and I will be watching tonight, hoping for a bland victory. Please, no "calls".

Things I cannot stand about this World Series
-John Mellencamp
-Joe Morgan, possibly the most annoying broadcaster...ever in the history of history. I'd rather have the guy who broadcast the Hindenburg disaster call a game before Joe Morgan.
-People at work wishing me "good luck" as if I was playing second base.
-No National Anthem in Detroit (no wonder they are down 3-1)
-Kenny Rogers
-The red imperial that St. Louis fans have started wearing.
-Fox's field-level camera and the slow-motion camera.
-Fox's nonstop camera shots of people in the stands. Isn't there a baseball game on?
-Any commercial done in Spanish...that I have to see the next inning in English.
-Vin Scully on the radio: "The Cardinals should not even be here...they are the worst team in the playoffs". Shut up and broadcast you pompous ass.

Go Cards.

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