Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Baseball?

Behold my predictions for the 2006 MLB Playoffs. What that means is that you can expect the direct opposite to happen. I predicted the Yanks to beat Boston in 2004. I predicted the Cards to beat the Astros last year. This year it's time to see an old-school World Series match up.

First Round
St. Louis - San Diego
Yes the Cards almost blew it there at the end. The key word is "almost". My St. Louis wins this one in 4. Pujols hits 8 homeruns and pitches a shutout in game 3. Rick Ankiel starts game 4.

New York Mets - Los Angeles
I have been to more Mets games (1) than Yankee games this year. What I saw was a team that can hit and pitch. Mets sweep in 3. I still hate the Mets.

Oakland - Minnesota
I also hate the A's. Yellow and green is so ugly. Twins in 5.

New York Yankees - Detroit
New York is loaded with expensive talent. While it would be fun to watch fans and the media bash A-Rod all offseason, I think they'll go all the way despite A-Rod. Yanks in 4.

What say you?

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