Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thong Girl IV to be Filmed in Clinton Foundation Offices

The City Council of Gallatin (TN) and The Dark Widow may have won the battle, but The First Amendment and Thong Girl may still win the war. The Clinton Foundation and Thong Girl have joined forces to continue TGs fight against The Dark Widow.

Thong Girl is a super heroine who shoots lasers out of her unmentionable parts after donning some magical thong underwear. Her ability to fly and shoot lasers keep Nashville free of The Dark Widow and full-seat panties.

Mayor Don Wright allowed the filming of "Thong Girl III" in his offices, without letting the city council vote on it. City council members now have "their panties in a wad" so to speak. The city's code does not allow filming on city property unless they authorize it. However, that does not apply to the mayor. And the mayor probably likes the idea of a thong-wearing tart with lasers flying around his office. The city council (obviously controlled by The Dark Widow) is now trying to change the law so the mayor does not allow Thong Girl IV to be filmed in his office.

In other news, The Clinton Foundation has donated 3 floors of office space for future Thong Girl filming.

(Source - The Tennessean)

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