Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scott Harper's Friends Are Stoopid Part II

On August 9th, 2005 a young man named Scott Harper got drunk at Yankee Stadium and told his friends that he wanted to test whether the net over home plate would hold his weight. It did.

I put out a few over-the-top posts on The Yankee Jumper, since then a Google search for Scott has led some of Mr. Harper's friends to my posts. These kids have taken to posting comments that are at best bizarre, one threatened legal action. The next two are from "Paul" whose IP address is Hell, these comments might be from Scott himself.

I've said before that I hope Scott Harper gets the help he needs. I also hope he gets a new set of friends that have at least an ounce of common sense. Also, is it too much to ask the Armonk school district to hire better English teachers.

yo "The Man" what the f**k, shut up, scotts is "the man" if anyone. im from byram hills in armonk, and he is probobly one of the coolest guys i know, so don't judge on one act a**hole. - (Paul)

"Paul"... I have no doubt that Scott Harper is super cool. He may even be "the man" however for the rest of his life, he'll be known as "the man who jumped from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium". While you are not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, Scott Harper is pretty much an open book. Look, if you kill someone - you're a killer. If you rape someone - you're a rapist. If you get drunk and jump off the upper deck of Yankee stadium, to see if the netting will hold - well, you're an idiot.

I have done some stupid things in my life; you know what people called me when I was caught? An idiot.

you guys are a**holes who have no idea what you're talking about... i live in the same town, went to school with, and knew personally, scott harper. Just want to tell you that you guys are a**holes and don't know the meaning of having a good time and taking it too far, that's not taking it too far, there are much worse things that could have happened - (Paul)

Paul - so you are claiming that Scott Harper didn't "take things too far" when he leapt from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium to see if the netting will hold? I guess if Scott added a triple twist while yelling "A-Rod is gay" to his jump would have been taking it too far? I think Webster's dictionary classifies Harper's actions as "taking things too far".

Worse things could have happened; I'll give you that point. But thankfully for the fans below the netting, Scott Harper's actions did no harm other than to his attempt to defy Darwin's Natural Law of Selection.

Thanks for checking out my site Paul.

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