Monday, September 25, 2006

My Chad Pennington Jersey is NOT for Sale

Last season, I bought a Chad Pennington Jets jersey and wore it with pride. That is, until Chad went down a week later with another shoulder injury.

This season, I gave the Jets little chance to improve. Hell, they had no designated starting QB or RB. Their Offensive line had 2 rookies, and their coach was younger than some of the players.

Ahh, but Gang Green is back! My Pennington jersey is off the market. Also, despite the poll stating that my wife should save her money and buy me Madden 07 - she bought a Laveraneus Coles jersey and he's now one of the top WRs in the NFL. Coincidence?

Just how good are the Jets? AMNY reports that they played both the Buffalo Bills and the NY Giants yesterday, and WON!

Keys to success: The Jets must find a running game. Chad's good, but defenses will sniff out the lack of a running threat and drop back into pass coverage.
It's almost the opposite situation the Tennessee Titans faced when McNair would go down and the team had to rely on Eddie George (back when the Titans were competitive). Teams would just put 8 men on the Defensive line and dare Eddie to run at them.

So the Jets need to have a ground attack and only face one team at a time.

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