Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Headline of the Day

First the Pope points out the religion and violence do not mix by mentioning Islam, prompting muslims to riot, burn down churches, and shoot nuns. Now he goes after another volatile subject, NY Giants Tight-End Jeremy Shockey.

"Impulse is a hard thing sometimes to control," Pope said. "This is a very spirited racehorse. Very often before he can put his actions into words they boil over into the frustration. Some players are better at dealing with that than others. I don't think it ever becomes less tolerated.
"I don't know at what age ranting stops. I do not ever think his motives are less than honorable. How he expresses those motives can be better directed."
What's next? Is the Pope going to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals collapse and 7 game losing streak? How about how Brady Quinn and his Notre Dame pals being the most overrated football team since the 1916 Cumberland University team?