Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dumbass of the Week: Alfredo Alejandro Diaz

Alfredo Diaz's son has to be the biggest dumbass of the week. What for? The brat, Alfredo Alejandro Diaz, lost his computer and iPod after getting in trouble at school. So he bought a one-way airplane ticket to Cuba and is now living in a country with spotty electricity, no freedom, and a dead dictator ruling the country.

What was his second choice? Somalia?

MIAMI Cuban immigrant Alfredo Diaz wants to know how his 14-year-old son was able to buy a plane ticket to Havana on the Internet and fly to Cuba, no questions asked.

Diaz says his son may have been upset over something that happened at school, which led to the boy losing his computer privileges and iPod.

Diaz told The Miami Herald that he hopes his son will soon tire of life with no computer, iPod and plasma T-V. (Source - AP)
Little Diaz, you are an idiot. I hope you can swim since the nearest Apple store is on Lincoln Beach in Miami.

Now, from the Miami Herald

And in school, he was accused of cheating to try to win the class presidency.
You can go one of two ways with this:
1) Who ever heard of someone in Flordia trying to cheat to win the presidency?
2) Leading a coup at 15? Alfredo Alejandro Diaz sounds perfect for Cuba!