Monday, August 14, 2006

Yet Another 101 Uses for Castro's Corpse

If the world needed more proof that Castro is really...really dead, the Cuban government provided it in a series of photos with his corpse posed like a prop.

Along with failing to prove that Castro is still breathing, they provided even more material for the series of uses for the dead dictator's corpse. Like a case of Mad Dog 20/20, this is truly the gift that keep's on giving.

Shout-out to the Commies in charge in Cuba, keep it cool (Castro's corpse that is). Until next week, here are more uses for a rotting Castro.

#4 - The new face of KFC
#20 - 'Maritial Aid' for Steven Spielberg. (VtheK)
#22 - Elvis Fan
#34 - Dictator Porn

#40 - As a replacement for a cement parking block. (jimmyb)
#55 - Jack Bauer’s personal toilet seat. (Tyler D)
#63 - Con Ed spokesperson
#64 - Howard Dean's replacement at the DNC
#65 - Joe Lieberman's replacement as Senator from CT
#72 - Strip his skin and use it to roll special collector's edition cigars to announce the removal of the U.S. sanctions on Cuba.
#73 - Prop in the next Che Guevara puff-piece BioPic. (RFTR)
#80 - The donor for Dr. House's replacement leg
#98 - "Whassup" Commercial Actor

Do you have additional options for Castro's corpse? Post them in the comments section below. I may use them for Still Yet Another 101 Uses for Castro's Corpse next week

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