Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yankee Jumper's Wings Clipped

Scott Harper had better subscribe to a cable service that offers The YES Network if he wants to catch a Yankee game in the future.

"You are permanently barred from entering the Stadium,"
Harper (aka The Yankee Jumper) was barred from Yankee Stadium and even a future Yankee Stadium by a judge at the Bronx Supreme Court.

A year ago today, Scott Harper drunkenly decided to test the netting above home plate at Yankee Stadium by jumping from the upper deck. After a few beers, Harper told his friends that he wanted to see "whether the net would hold his weight". The net held, Harper got arrested.

Over the past year, I've given Harper and his dumbass friends hell. I still wish Harper well in his drug-rehab stint, his supporters tell me that he's "intelligetn" - so he should try and use his brain every now-and-then.

When I attend ConEd Keychain Light Night at Yankee Stadium in September, it'll be nice to know that Harper is watching the game from the safety of his Armonk home and not flying off the upper deck.

(Source - NY Post)

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