Friday, August 11, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Your Nutroots are Showing Caption Contest
(Source - Al Reuters)

Top Entries
10. "My kung-Jew is stronger than your Jew-jitsu!"- Mac
9. Ned Lamont was Kung Fu Fightin'! - fmragtops
8. Lamont, with a little help from the person to his back-left, demonstrates that the only way to block an eye-poke is with the vaunted shark fin defense - Mac

- The Man

6. All your moonbats are belong to us!!! - jimmyb
5. Ned Lamont calls out opponent Jack Bauer. (Moments later, we learn that Bauer is now unopposed.) - Wyatt Earp
4. "Ask not what I can do for you. Ask what I can do to further my political ambitions!" - Pam
3. "I can defeat Lieberman with one peace-sign behind my back!" - Damian G.
2. Ned Lame-ont shows his party's new weapon against terrorist, the UN inspired "Really Strong Hand-Gesture". - jimmyb
1. LAMONT: You'd have this look on your face too, if Kos had his hand up your ass! - Remulak MoxArgon

Photoshop Entries
- Cowboy Blob

- Cowboy Blob

- The Man

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