Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cynthia McKinney Blames Midgets for Primary Loss

Cynthia McKinney's Perpetual Whine & Government Cheese Party continued this week. McKinney got beat like a rented mule and refuses to go away without shaming every one of the 42% that were dumb enough to vote for her.

Fresh off of blaming whitey, cops, and Jeeewwwssss - McKinney's rage is now focused on electronic voting machines. McKinney thinks the electronic machines are bad. Unlike her positions and statements over the years which were awesome?

The picture to the left is of Cameron Mouton, 6 who was able to vote on an electronic voting screen in Florida for the Weekly Reader's Presidential Poll in 2004. The WR Poll selected Bush, McKinney claimed that Karl Rove and Diebold conspired to rig the Weekly Reader's Poll.

So we have whitey, cops, Jeeewwwssss, and voting machines. Next, McKinney blamed "crossover voting". Whitey, cops, Jeeewwwssss, voting machines, and crossover voters were not the last to get the blame.

"What I have learned from the corporate media is that they are there to protect the status quo. They are there to protect the powers that be, and anyone who becomes a threat in any kind of way by providing information that will go directly to the survival of the community, to the uplifting of the people, will become an enemy." - Cynthia McKinney
If you are keeping track at home, the reason Cynthia McKinney lost her primary is (in no particular order): whitey, cops, Jeeewwwssss, voting machines, crossover voters, and corporate media.

What about midgets? There has to be some blame to lay on midgets for Cynthia McKinney's loss. Espically those white Jeeeewwwwish Republican midgets who work in corporate media, are members of the FOP, and voted for her opponent on electronic voting machines.

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