Monday, July 17, 2006

An Invitation is a terrible thing to waste.

President Bush has been given an invitation to attend the 2006 NAACP convention, which would be akin to The Dixie Chicks being asked to appear at Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert backed up by Kanye West and with an introduction by Cindy Sheehan.

Currently, the AP states that Bush's Wednesday calendar has a "TBD". With only a few days left before the NAACP convention comes to a close, will Bush make an appearance? If not, I'm sure there are a few other events that would be more "Bush-friendly" for him to choose from.

Needless to say, Bush would be walking into a hostile arena with no real possibility of coming out unscathed.

Hell, even General Custer got a warning.

Top 10 Other Events That are More "Bush Friendly" Than the NAACP Meeting.
10. 24-Hour Hunger Striking with Sean Penn
9. Lesbian Bikers Karaoke Contest
8. Filming for a Ned Lamont commercial
7. The 2006 Hezbollah-a-thon
6. YearlyKos Tin Hat Contest Judging
5. A Norm Chomsky's Wine Tasting Party
4. Howard Dean's Birthday Party (there's no need to hire clowns, they'd just get lost in the crowd)
3. Hot 97's Smackfest
2. PETA Tofu Weenie Roast
1. Wherever Karl Rove tells him to go.

Got other ideas to fill President Bush's schedule? Post them in the comments.

(Source - 1010 Wins)