Friday, July 21, 2006

I'll Take an Albertini...on the Rocks

Mark Albertini, a Republican gubernatorial hopeful in Tennessee could use a stiff drink.

Albertini, who has been running a strong campaign against Sen. Jim Bryson for a chance to face Democratic incumbent, Gov. Phil Bredesen, was arrested on public intoxication charges Thursday.

Now, here is Albertini's stance on crime (from his website)

Mark will work to define prison as a place of punishment. Our first priority for criminals should be to punish them and make them pay back their victims and society for their crimes. Mark believes that capital punishment is a strong deterrent to crime and the responsibility of government; he will sanction its use after a thorough evidentiary analysis by the judicial branch. He is amicable to programs that make criminals work to build their own prisons and clean our State under the inmate work program. He will encourage and enforce programs that make inmates pay for their own room and board, their medical care and that restore their victims.
Albertini campaigned on values such as "pro-Biblical marriage", which I assume is where you ask the Roman emperor for permission to marry.