Monday, July 24, 2006

The Dim Views from Iran

Parvin Heydari, an Iranian mother of two, was flipping back and forth between the nightly news and Oprah when a bulletin on an Iranian state channel caught her attention. It urged Iranians to boycott what it called "Zionist products," including those made by Pepsi, Nestlé and Calvin Klein, and warned that profits from such products "are converted into bullets piercing the chests of Lebanese and Palestinian children." As evidence, the voice-over intoned, "Pepsi stands for 'pay each penny to save Israel.'"
- Time

The Cola Wars were just a Zionist ploy? It all makes sense. I'm going to stop drinking Coke and switch to Pepsi.

I guess the Iranian kids are going to switch from Pepsi to drinking Kool-aid.

Tide - To Israel Donate Everything
Zima - Zionist and Israel are Masters of Arabs
Nike - Need Israel to Kill Emirs
Coke - Camels Obedience and Kuffiyahs for Everyone