Friday, June 23, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Man With a Plan Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
10. "Aw, hell! They got the cards mixed up at the printers... this is OUR Plan on Iraq!"- Mr. Right
9. Reid: Who knows what eeeeevil the republicans are planning in Iraq? The Shadow knows! Buahahahahaha - fmragtops
8. How many F's are there in Exit Strategy? - Adjustah
7. "Interestingly, the GOP's Iraq strategy bears a striking resemblance to my mind." - Damian G
6. Picture of Senator Reid just before bursting into another tantrum. "Someone took my crayons!" - Troll
5. Reid thinking to himself...Now why is it I can cast a shadow but my reflection doesn't show up in a mirror? - Renee
4. Shadow: "You're making us look like jerks!" - Wyatt Earp
3. "Did some idiot put Stabenow in charge of the placards again?" - Mr. Right
-The Man

1. Oh No! He sees his shadow! Two More Years of Democrat Winter (Republican Congressional Majority)! - Cowboy Blob

Photoshop Entries
Reid: After 3 years in Iraq, Democrats have finally come up with a strategy. Ninja Monkey? Dammit Kerry, this is all we can come up with?
-The Man

-The Man

-Wyatt Earp

-Rodney Dill

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