Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tin Hat Tuesday: OHS Finally Thinking With Their Head

According to "The News", Office of Homeland Security officials have taken time away from trying to pickup underage girls on the internet to develop a plan to protect The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The plan involves strategic Boobing of the famous bridge.

Operation Bust Attacks involves placing 25 nude women (that's 50 boobs) around the bridge. The idea is that religious radicals (aka - militant muslims) will be too shocked and awed by the display of skin to carry out their terrorist plot.

"Most religious zealots who would harm our nation are youths who have not seen one naked woman, let alone many. The shock, shame or simple eye-popping spectacle is going to make them do a U-turn pretty quickly. Or else drive into the bay, which is just as good." - Dr. Henry Chilvers, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Morality
OHS announced that if Operation Bust Attacks is a success, we can expect similar defensive measures at other national monuments like The Statue of Liberty, Dollywood, and my house.

Al Qaeda would likely counter with their "G-Bomb". The throngs of naked women protecting Lady Liberty would be joined by men telling the women their shoes are "just fabulous" and asking about their hair.

(Source - World Weekly News)

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