Thursday, June 01, 2006

Patrick Kennedy's Role on 24, in black-face

It seems Patrick Kennedy has been a busy man. Accepting free boxing tickets from Senator Reid (D-NV), participating in the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald are among a few of the things on his schedule. You can also chalk up budding TV star to his resume'.

Last season on 24 John McCain, a race car driver, and some washed-out 80's star all got small roles on the hit TV show 24. If you are not familiar with 24, it stars Keifer Sutherland as "Jack Bauer" and follows Bauer through a day filled with shooting and other stuff. I try to watch it every now and then.

Patrick Kennedy also got a cameo playing "Random black terrorist" in one episode. In the scene, Jack Bauer is undercover as a fellow bad guy. Kennedy (dressed in black-face) and his gang are trying to unleash a gas attack on a suburban mall. Jack Bauer saved the day and Kennedy's character was never seen again.

Tomorrow: Patrick Kennedy's role in NY Yankees history

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