Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The GOP and the City Bellwether Report

Bellwether Report
Republicans - 1
Democrats - 0

Dumb Quote of the Day

"It's a sign the party has trouble right now. If Francine Busby wins this, it means Karl Rove better start paying more attention to local politics and less to looming indictments," -Mesa College political science professor Carl Luna
Which is ironic since Democrats also have to worry about indictments for their nominee for governor of Alabama (another bellwether race). Former Gov. Don Siegelman is running at the same time being brought up in federal court on racketeering and bribery charges.

Political word of the week
Republican Wins Bellwether House Race ABC
Republican Leads Bellwether House Race Forbes
Republicans Dodge Defeat in Battle Over California House Seat Bloomberg
-Dodge Defeat? Doesn't that mean that Republicans won?
Vote Seen As Bellwether For Fall CBS
GOP Wins Bellwether Calif. Race Wash Post