Thursday, June 29, 2006

Emails From John Kerry/Hillary Clinton: Part 2

Like I mentioned before, I've signed up for emails from camps of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. From the start, I noticed that when an email from "John Kerry" arrived, another one from "Hillary" came soon after. My quest is to determine if they are the same person.

Today, Hillary sent the first email followed by an email from John Kerry. For those of us who question whether Kerry has a firm grasp of night and day...behold your moment of Zen.

Email from Hillary - 10:33am

Blah, Blah, George Bush, blah, blah George Bush, blah, blah Donate Money.
Email from John Kerry - 11:44am

Shhhh! The President is Coming
Last night, President Bush appeared at a big-ticket fundraiser for embattled GOP Senator Jim Talent in Missouri. Tomorrow, it's off to Ohio to raise funds for Mike DeWine, another GOP Senator that we have a solid chance to defeat come November.

The Republicans think they can sneak President Bush and Vice President Cheney in and out of these states under cover of darkness, and that vulnerable Republican candidates will pick up GOP special interest campaign dollars -- not Bush-Cheney baggage.
The sun set in St. Louis at 8:29pm yesterday, 1 hour and 59 minutes after Air Force One took off from "Lambeau" International Airport heading back to Washington DC.

John Kerry does not know night from day or that matter, his ass from a hole in the ground.

Emails From John Kerry/Hillary Clinton

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