Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Emails From John Kerry/Hillary Clinton

I have signed up for emails from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. I have noticed that when I get an email from "John Kerry" another one from "Hillary" comes soon after. Are Kerry and Hillary the same person? What does Kerry mean by Bush's trip being a "cut and run affair"? Also, who signed me up for The Huffington Post's daily email?

Today (6/27/06)
Email from John Kerry - 11:01am

President Bush will be sneaking into St. Louis tomorrow to raise money for Republican Senator Jim Talent. If it's like most GOP fundraising featuring Bush and Cheney these days, it will be a "cut and run" affair.
Email from Hillary - 12:57pm

I don't have to tell you how important it is for us to take back control of Congress this November. From their attacks on the environment, to their fiscal irresponsibility, to their "more of the same" strategy on Iraq, we see every day how the Washington Republicans consistently put ideology and politics ahead of the priorities of the American people.

I will continue to publish the timing of Kerry and Clinton's emails until the truth comes out.

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