Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dumb Criminals Part 10

Warning: Never try this at home.

While this post is part of my "dumb" criminals series, I'd like to add that the subject of this post falls more into the "brazen...but dumb" category. Also, an uncle of mine was a captain in the police department mentioned in this story for a number of years, so I'm already biased against the criminal involved. Regardless, he's an idiot. The criminal that is (not my uncle).

Early Wednesday morning, a man was arrested by the St. Louis County Police department for DUI and put into handcuffs. However, this was just the beginning for both the police and the suspect.

As the police officer was away from his car, the suspect (in handcuffs) managed to get his hands in front of his body and proceeded to steal the police car. The car was finally stopped, but the handcuffed/drunk suspect tried to ram a police car - shots were fired at the car, but missed the suspect.

The stolen police car sped away and later crashed, injuring the suspect. Still handcuffed/drunk/injured, the suspect fled on foot. His night was ended after a brief chase and was sent to the hospital.

Wyatt - Remember to taser drunks who are flexible prior to placing them in a police car.

(Source - STL Today)

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