Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

We "Sí" You Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

Top Entries
10. As President Bush was listening to how illegal aliens get across our border, VP Cheney was sitting in his wire chair reading GOP and City's blog - Sssteve
(editors note: a better immigration policy would be to sit Cheney out on the border with an unloaded shotgun, his presence alone will deter many border crossers)
9. No, Mr. President, Jack Bauer is not on our payroll. You need to talk to Rupert about that. - Lawhawk
8. "An On Slow Days Mr. President We Set Bags Of Tacos Along The Border To Bait Them." - radio free fred
7. OK Bob, why don't you pull up the slides I took of me and the wife's trip to Albequerque for the president. Mr. President this is me and my wife in the middle of the desert... with a cactus... ooh an indian teepee. No sir feathers, not dot. - jwookie
6. President Bush makes the rounds on a tour of Bill Gates' island of genetically engineered dinosaurs, who are coming over our borders to eat the people Americans won't eat. - Mac
5. The commander wisely distracts President Bush as he fans away his Taco dinner. - Wyatt Earp
4. Bush: You do realize I require all these TVs tuned to Fox News for the remainder of my stay. - fmragtops
3. BORDER PATROL DUDE: "And over here we have people coming out the shadows, immigrants doing the jobs Americans won't do and oppressed peoples in search of the American dream."
BUSH: "But do you have pie?" - Damian G
2. It's hard to believe that only 7 short years ago, every single one of these TVs was turned to Tijuana porno stations, per then-President Clinton's executive order 69469-24-7. - Mac
1. "I Would Show You More Mr. President But We Can't Find The Remote." - radio free fred

Photoshop Entries
Well Mr. President, so far Jack Bauer hasn't taken out Logan, Wentworth Miller escaped, Elliot was voted off, Hurley's fat, and the border's clear. Oh, and Bob's monitoring Blogs4Bauer 24/7 on his computer for new pictures of Kim Bauer.
Bush: Keep up the good work.
-The Man

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