Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Guest Editorial: Borat Sagdiyev

Maybe Jack Bauer Can Free Kazahstan From Jews.
by Borat Sagdiyev

Jagshemash! Hi you crazy Jack Bauer fans. My name is Borat and I come from Kazahstan. We like to do the blogging, but each post we do, results in a kick to the khram by a Jew. We are but poor people who want nothing but for Jack Bauer to come and rid us of the Jews so we can blog, chase the gypsy, and watch Baywatch in peace.

To be free, we need hero. Jack Bauer is currently number three super hero in Kazahstan. Number one is a half-camel, half-monkey who shoots poop out his fingers and has sex with donkey. Number two is prostitute who sings Kazah national anthem in her underwear while having sex with donkey. Ahh, but number three is Jack Bauer, he is strong man. I see Mr. Bauer moving up to number two super hero if he helps Kazahstan with our problem.

So send Jack Bauer to Kazahstan and set my country free.

Goodbye. Chenque!

note: Borat's views are his own and not that of this establishment.