Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dumb Criminals Part 7

Two men tried to break into a branch of the Independence Community Bank in Jackson Heights Queens on Monday. The plan was to cut a hole in the roof of the bank - above the vault. They would then sneak in and take the booty. In the end the men were left with a bad plan, poor execution, and an even worse getaway.

It appears the duo tried to rob the same bank in the same manner in March - but they had cut a hole over the staff kitchen instead of the vault. So the bank installed a silent alarm, which notified the police of the second break in.

Police arrived and spotted Louis Spano, 45 on the roof of the bank with a black bag. He fled and his accomplice Fred Piro, 41 emerged from the hole in the roof. Both men were apprehended after Spano's sweater got stuck on a fence. Inside the black bag, police found hammers, an electric saw, ropes, a walkie-talkie, and kneepads used in the attempted heist.

Now here is why being a defense lawyer would be impossible for me.

Outside Brooklyn federal court, Mr. Spano's lawyer, Charles Emma, said his client was in the vicinity of the bank last night but innocent of attempted burglary. Asked what his client was doing in the area, Mr. Emma said he didn't know.
How does he say that and not just start cracking up?

(Source - NY Sun)

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