Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ask The 24 Maharishi

The 24 Maharishi's quest is to answer your 24 questions. Want to know how Chloe knows all those phone numbers? Just ask the 24 Maharishi.

Q: Maharishi, how will Jack stop the submarine?
A: Ahh Jack will save the day again. How he saves the day remains to be seen by the prophets and screenwriters. My crystal ball tells me that another plot will be recycled, yes but not from a few hours ago...no this comes from Season 2. Does the name George Mason ring a bell?

Q: Are you suggesting that Jack Bauer will "pull a Mason" with the Russian Sub Natalia?
A: My crystal ball says so. But, while Mason died in his kamikaze flight over the Mojave Desert, Jack may still survive.

Q: So you suggest that Jack will pilot the Russian Sub Natalia to the Mohave Desert?
A: Subs don't fly, unless Kristie Alley gets loose from the fat farm.

There you have it. Jack Bauer will board The Natalia, he will pilot the sub to the ocean, and he will then scuttle the ship. His escape is still in doubt, but knowing Jack Bauer - he will probably use the scuba gear in his man-purse to escape the sinking sub.

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