Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Voting Dead: Memphis - Part 3

On Wednesday, the Tennessee State Senate voted to overturn the election of Ophelia Ford (26-6), a victory for fair elections and yet another attempt for Memphis residents to wipe their hands clean of the crooked Ford family once and for all. A new election will be held, first with a Democratic primary in August and then a general election in November. The winner of the Democratic primary will face off against Republican Terry Roland.

"We did what we had to do to restore the integrity of the ballot box." - Sen. Ron Ramsey (R)

Ford won the 2005 election by only 13 votes over Roland. A closer look found at least 12 votes were cast by people that were felons, voting out of their district, or dead. Still more irregularities were found, including a forged signature of a poll worker who was not out of town during the election.

Archie L. Kirkwood could not be reached for comment. Kirkwood voted for Ford, which was the first time she had cast a ballot in 10 years. Good for her! It was also the first time she had cast a ballot since she passed away (two weeks before the election). Bad for Ophelia!

(Source - Tennessean)

The AP has a timeline of these events.

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