Friday, April 28, 2006

Roger Toussaint Jail Diary: Day 4

After award-winning coverage of the TWU Transit Strike, GOP and the City has been chosen by TWU President Roger Toussaint to publish a daily "jail blog" from deep inside his jail cell. Each day Roger will post on life on the inside.

Jail Diary: Day 4 (of 10 4.5)
by Roger Toussaint

Dear Diary,

Good News! My plan to escape from prison, using the nail file that Al Sharpton had snuck in - hidden in a half-eaten hoagie, is not needed! Thanks to good behavior, I'll be set free Friday morning.

Let me tell you, it comes in the nick of time. Apparently the market price (in the clink) for a well-kept TWU president is hovering around 3 cartons of cigarettes. I'm outraged and planned to hold out for at least 4 cartons and a handful of sweetie-gold.

I hear the strikers at "Camp Roger" rejected the proposal we offered them. When I get down there, Roger's going to split some wigs for sure.

Time for me to hit the bricks, until the next Transit Strike.

Roger (aka - #300-06-00-286)

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Prison Slang provided by: A Prisoner's Dictionary.