Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Roger Toussaint Jail Diary: Day 1

After award-winning coverage of the TWU Transit Strike, GOP and the City has been chosen by TWU President Roger Toussaint to publish a daily "jail blog" from deep inside his jail cell. Each day Roger will post on life on the inside.
Jail Diary: Day 1 (of 10)
by Roger Toussaint

Dear Diary,
I'm spending my first day in jail, even though I am not sure why. It has been an exciting day so far, I even took The Man's advice and "walked my ass" to jail across the Brooklyn Bridge. You know, I hear that some people were forced to walk over that bridge in December. Why they did not take a chauffeured car across is a mystery to me?

It was fun and I had my trusty man-servant drag a case with all the things I'll need during my 10 days in jail:

- Gold-handled toothbrush
- Armani pajamas
- 2 cases of Caviar
- Soap on a rope
- Al Sharpton
I'm not sure about my cell mate though. He's a white guy with all these weird tattoos. He keeps talking about breaking out and something about his brother. He found out who I was and asked to be transferred to another cell.

Note to self: What does "fresh fish" mean? Are we having seafood tonight?

Well diary, lights are supposed to be out in 10 minutes. I will write again tomorrow!

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