Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Republican claims "I am God"

The newly elected Speaker of the House, Republican Zack Howitt is causing trouble. Howitt had a heated debate with Republican Party Chairman, Ben Kochman on the issue of the election.

Kochman thinks the only reason Howitt won came down to fliers. Howitt says that his party chairman thinks he's just too radical and that he (Kochman) is only out for power. When asked about why he thinks he was elected, Republican Zack Howitt stated "I am God".

Ben showed off his leadership skills by telling Howitt: "Shut up and just listen to me, this is your first year; you don't know what you're doing".

By the way, I should note that these events took place at the New Jersey 2006 Model Congress. Both combatants are 18 years old.

As the Republicans held their peeing contest, the Democrats took up the idea of a female president (aka Hillary) with equally amusing vigor.

Kris Jurgowski will have problems finding a date to the prom after he offered this sexist nugget: "Women presidents are good for a time of peace. But now that we're in war, there is too much going on for them to handle."

A good, but slightly gross rebuttal came from Katrina Amauro, who stated: "You have to listen to them (women) and understand where they are coming from and if they have mood swings you can't blame it on PMS because men have mood swings as well, but they do not bleed."

(Source - North Jersey)

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