Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reason #43 I don't Subscribe to Newsday

Union Thug Leader Roger Toussaint faces 10 days in "federal pound you in the..." prison for leading an illegal strike that failed to extort more money out of the TWU, bankrupted his union, and cost the city millions of dollars. Outside the union rolls, his popularity ranks up there with Typhoid Mary and The Knicks. It appears his popularity inside the union rolls is not to great either.

With jail time looming for Toussaint, Al Sharpton smelled a photo-op and swooped in to show his support for Toussaint by holding a rally.

Toussaint told about 125 fervent supporters he was less concerned about his punishment than what still might be in store for the TWU.
Because it's a Newsday article, you have to scroll down to the very last paragraph for the kicker...

At least 40 people lined up to sign a sheet of paper signaling their intent to attend at least one of those demonstrations.
So 32% of his 125 fervent supporters decided to sign a piece of paper stating they might attend at least one rally in support of Toussaint? What happened to the other 85 "fervent" supporters? That's some rally.